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    Time sensitive project, bizarre audio problems


      I have been using Adobe Premiere going back to the days before it was even branded as CS, and for the most part have found the program to be extremely stable until now.


      My problems are two-fold and I have an urgent deadline with no flexibility.


      First, due to a mix-up with the creative cloud subscription version and the regular CS6 Production Premium collection I upgraded to, I installed the creative cloud version of CS6 Premiere on our video editing station. (The way to download the CS6 software that we'd actually licensed was not at all obvious, but a topic for another discussion... our purchase of CS6 does not show up in my order history, while software bought as far back as 2006 is shown...)


      The subscription version started to have weird audio problems when we did a compilation project that had footage spanning 3 external drives. We would open the compilation, and then a few clips that clearly had audio - not muted or with any other issues from the FAQ - would no longer have audio on playback or render.


      We found that if we closed the project, they would be fine again. Big hassle, as this seemed to happen after we'd done a few edits, but we could still get what we needed from the final exports. At first it only affected the compilation project, but then became an issue with all projects including ones that had no footage on external drives.


      We then ran into a problem with the trial cloud subscription expiring (we thought we'd installed our licensed version), so called Adobe support, who explained we now had to download our software from licensing.adobe.com (again, this is shown nowhere in our Adobe account, terrible user experience...)


      To abbreviate a long story, we downloaded the correct version of the software, uninstalled the subscription version of CS6 and tried working on our video.


      Which is the second problem - the audio issue seems to have escalated and now even when we can hear audio on playback in the project some clipls aren't showing up in final rendered video. We can open a file, but as soon as we do one single action (edits or exports of a clip)  audio on random clips are no longer audible.


      The gear we've used has not changed in the last 2 years, some clips shot on the same camera/mic are consistently fine while others seem to be the first to no longer have audio, so there is no reason to suspect a codex problem. The issue started by always affecting 2 specific clips in the video, and has now escalated to include more clips and the clips affected seems to be random.


      Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated, because this has cost our company a significant amount of money in wasted time and is an utterly untenable situation.





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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Try this:


          1. Open a new, empty PP project.

          2. Go to Edit>Preferences>Media...

          3. Take note of where the Media Cache files are stored.

          4. Below that, Clean the Media Cache Database.

          5. Close PP.  Go to the location noted from step 3 and delete all the files.

          6. Restart PP.  Open your project and wait for conforming to finish.

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            jfk00ca Level 1

            I would like to try your suggestion, but after rebooting my computer (since Premiere would no longer load), I now get a message that my subscription has expired even though I had a staff members uninstall the subscription version earlier today and spend a lot of time getting our licensed CS6 version installed.


            I really do appreciate your input and we had been wondering if this was either a caching or drive association issue, since it all started with the connection of multiple external drives. But I no longer have time to remove and reinstall all of our software. Again.


            This is a nightmare, I paid for a full version of CS6 and our business is now immobilized because Adobe showed no record of our paid upgrade, so when I went to download the software we had paid for I used the only option shown, which was the CC option. I already wasted 30 minutes of my time on a tech support call just to figure out where I am supposed to get my software. Now it looks like I'm going to have to waste a lot more time on yet another tech support call just to get the software that we paid for to work.


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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              Adobe showed no record of our paid upgrade


              I'd start by solving that.  Until that shows up, you won't be installing CS6 with a perpetual license.