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    How do you create a swimming timer with milliseconds

    thetse Level 1

      Does anyone know how to create a swim timer in milliseconds in Adobe Premiere Pro?


      If you've watched olympic swimming, you've seen the swim timers on the bottom right. I'd like to recreate this in Premiere Pro, showing MM:SS:Milliseconds. (1:25.78).


      I've tried several techniques, but I can't get the milliseconds correct!!


      Here's what I've tried.My media is 29fps.


      1. Create a blank Transparent Video

      2. Add a the "timecode" effect ot the video.

      3. Select the preferences -> show audio time units in the display.

      4. for the Time Display in the time code I used 30 Non-Drop Frame.

      (see a youtube tutorial I followed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xt3V8JL4LnA)

      This will show correct up to the seconds, but the format for the last is the frame # (up to 30).


      While I've tried changing it to 60 Non-Drop Frames, it only goes up to 60 (again # of frames). How do you get milliseconds?


      The difference between first and second in swim races is milliseconds.


      Thanks for your help.