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    Capture Setup PremPro CS6


      I have little hair left after spending several hours at my first attempt to upload (capture) from my Canon XHA1s camera (HDV 1080i). The firewire connection appears to be doing its thing, I can watch the video run on the capture screen of PremPro (capture). However no clips are listed on the left half of the main screen at the end of the tape. I have watched the "Adobe capture from tape" video numerous times but I still have no results. Please throw a drowning man a lifeline...

      Many thanks


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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          On a side note, upload and capture mean two very different things.  The terms are not interchangeable.


          Upload means to transfer from a local computer to a remote computer over a network, such as the Internet.  You do not upload anything into PP.


          Capture in this case means to transfer the data from tape to hard disk, and is the proper term.


          As to why it's not working, I will defer to others who have used HDV cameras.

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            SAFEHARBOR11 Most Valuable Participant

            Hi SG,


            Mac or PC? I can help with PC side. The first thing to do is go into the camera's playback menu and look for something about "VCR" type - you may have options of "DV, HDV, Auto". Choose HDV. Also make sure that the "DV downconvert" or "1394 convert" is OFF. HDV cameras can actually output as DV, so you want to be sure you are putting out the HDV over the Firewire connection.


            I should mention that when connecting an HDV camera to the PC, it can be seen as EITHER a DV device or HDV device. It makes a difference! If camera is "seen" as a DV device, when you attempt to capture HDV, you WILL have deck control and timecode, but will capture nothing.


            So turn off camera, and disconnect 1394 cable. Close Premiere. Make sure camera settings are correct as mentioned, reconnect 1394 and power up camera. PC should beep or show pop-up that camera was detected. Then launch Premiere.


            If still not working, go into Device Manager and for the 1394 card, tell it you want to change drivers, and that you will "Select from List" and with Windows 7, there should be 3 options. Try the "Legacy" setting. If that doesn't help, you can always change back to original setting, nothing to download or anything like that.


            Good luck


            Jeff Pulera

            Safe Harbor Computers

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              leicapix Level 1


              I made the changes you suggested and BINGO!!! I'm a newbie to the world

              of video and now a very happy newbie at that. Thanks very much for time

              and suggestions.


              Stuart Grundy.

              Mobile: 0438225244