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    Workaround for Alpha with Graphic Symbols?


      I'm using CS 5.5 and have been struggling with this issue for days. I only use Flash for animation and have no use for Actionscript or all the problems caused by Movie Clips. I usually use Graphic Symbols, which give me no trouble with exports. However, for this one part, I need an animated symbol containing nested symbols to have a uniform transparency instead of showing an ugly x-ray of every little overlapping shape. The only way I know how to do that is turning it into a movie clip and changing it's Alpha, then it's blending to Layer. After that, when I go to export pretty much anything except mov, which I don't want, none of those movie clips animate, making them completely useless.


      Is there a workaround to this, preferably having nothing to do with Actionscript? My backgrounds are not single color, so I can't cheat so easily. I was hoping to load up an image sequence into Photoshop and make a gif, but I can't even do a simple thing like that because of this problem.