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    ANE in Flex Mobile Projects, Overlaying AIR 4.7 SDK and Flex 4.6 Doesn't Work!

    K2xL.com Level 1

      There are some ANE's I want to use but they require me changing my namespace from 3.1 to 3.5+ (I guess now 3.7)


      Apparently, in order to do this I need to overlay Flex 4.6 and the latest Air (4.7).


      However, when I do this I get tons of errors. At first the error was not being able to resolve spark's TabbedViewNavigatorApplication. So what I did was include manually the mobilecomponents.swc from the SDK.


      That just led to hundreds of errors. Errors about inteface not implementing. Based on my knowledge I used spark for everything. Including mx.swc didn't do anything either.


      I'm so confused. I just want to put Admob ads in my freaking Flex app. Can someone help?