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    Gaps between words in a few paragraphs


      I have layouted a book with over 200 pages. It looks just fine except of four paragraphs. But there is no difference between these four paragraphs and all the others. They use the same paragraph style without manual deviations. The text in those paragraphs is justified and I use the Adobe Paragraph Composer. Everything is fine besides the few mentioned paragraphs where unsightly automatic generated gaps between the words occur. Of course these gaps are generated to produce a justified paragraph.But Hyphenation is activated and should prevent such gaps. Everywhere else it works. Character Styles do not interfere with the paragraph styles.

      The length of the paragraphs in question varies between 6 and 13 lines. The gaps between the words occur in the first lines only. I tried to fix the problem by inserting manual hyphenation but I was not able to solve the problem this way.

      Do you have any solution to my problem?