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    RoboHelp 8 - how to count how many topics we have in our Online Help system?


      Hi folks,


      We are in the midst of an audit of the Help system for our main product. Like the product itself,  the Help system is quite mature and we are trying to get a handle on how many pages of content we actually have. This audit is to be followed by a major house-keeping spring clean of content so in order to estimate the effort required for that, need to know what we are dealing with first. 


      Feel like this should be very obvious but whats the quickest way to do this?


      The Help system is comprised of about 30 modules that we merge at build time. Some modules are quite small and I could easily count the HTML files in Windows Explorer but some of Help modules are monsters with upwards of 30/40 subfolders of topics.


      The most relevant report available in RH8 (as far as I can see) would be the 'Used' files report but that just sends back lists of various file types. But its numbers I'm after, how many HTML files in each module.


      Any ideas or suggestions much appreciated.


      Many thanks!