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    Drastic difference between coated and uncoated swatches in CS6 apps

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      I've just installed the CS6 suite via Creative Cloud. New install of InDesign / Photoshop / Illustrator / Bridge. Colour settings set via Bridge as 'Europe General Purpose 3' (don't ask me if that's the right choice, that's a question for another post!). My issue is, I'm producing a simple letterhead to be printed on uncoated stock. My Pantone is 2745. Working in versions prior to CS6 both coated and uncoated swatches would look quite similar on screen. However, selecting them (from the + library) in CS6 shows a marked difference, such a difference I find it hard to believe it's supposed to be the same colour. The difference between the two is HUGE - the uncoated colour looks almost like a 50% tint of the coated.


      I've ordered a Pantone + coated and uncoated swatch book that's arriving soon, but would assume the colour difference I'm seeing here will not be so drastic in the book.


      I know the library has changed to Pantone +  in CS6, but can someone explain why there's such a massive shift in colour between the two? I know I should be using the uncoated stock but given the onscreen representation there's no way I can take the risk of using that. Although my monitor is not fully calibrated, this shift is seen on two another Macs in the studio running CS6.


      Assuming this is a setting somewhere (I can't imagine a calibrated monitor would fix such a huge shift), what am I doing wrong?swatch2.jpg

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          Danny Whitehead. Adobe Community Professional

          You'll answer your own question when those swatch books arive and you see that yes, compared side-by-side, there really is that drastic a difference between that ink formula (not strictly a 'colour') printed on coated and uncoated. You won't get anywhere very close, visually, to 2745 C on an uncoated stock. Quite often it's better to spec different spot colours for different stocks, though most designers seem to prefer not to (or worse, use 'C' swatches for everything and expect them to print that way).


          But this isn't new to the CS6 swatch libraries. They might have been updated a little, but the two 2745 swatches look pretty much the same in CS4. Maybe you didn't have spot colours set to use Lab values in your previous version.

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            Hi Danny,


            Many thanks for your post. Talk about timing - the swatch books have just arrived, and yes, it confirms your diagnosis - spot on. I don't have access to previous Pantone books prior to the 'plus' series to see what it looks like in there, but it's not too far off my screen rep looking at these books.


            Regarding CS6 swatches compared to CS4, I understand that Adobe has changed the default method of basing them on CMYK to use LAB now, from what I've Googled since. I always used the default settings (pleading ignorance now over managing my colour workflow), so that's not something I'd of changed to LAB. Looking at the swatches now based on LAB it's much closer to the book, which is obviously great.


            Finally, what 'Suite Colour Settings' would you set to synchronize over all apps - I'm set on 'Europe Prepress 3' given that all my work is print based.


            Thanks loads for your help, it's greatly appreciated Danny.