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    User and Role Settings

      I am working with the trial version to setup some contribute users and see how well it will work for us before purchasing.

      There are a couple of issues that do not work according to the documentation.
      - I am not able to select individual files to include/exclude from editing for a role (no files show, only folders),
      - or identify a template (nothing shows to select) a role uses for creating new pages,
      - or select a template (nothing shows to select) when creating a new page as any user, including an administrator.
      - I was able to setup a role to only include editing drafts, however in testing I was able to publish even though the setting was just to save drafts.

      Obviously something is not right with the world… I suspect this is because we are using trial versions but haven't been able to confirm my suspicion.

      Most of my site files are in the root directory of the site... I am thinking I might want to move them so I have folder level access for various groups, but even so I would like to identify specific files a role could edit.

      I am testing on two machines side by side using a remote site. Studio 8 and dreamweaver was used to create the site, both machines are Windows XP Pro, Contribute version is CS3 downloaded and operating as a trial.

      Any ideas/experience with this?

      Thanks in advance: