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    text field content is not visible after change




      I'm actually developing a litte game in flash and trying to update the score in a textfield. The Text field is a dynamic one and initialized with value 0 in the IDE.


      I'm using the following code to update the text field content in actionsript:


      txtBlocksPlaced.text = blocksPlaced.toString();


      But: When I run the Game the initial value is displayed - correct. When I'm trying update the value with the code avove the content is disappearing - incorrect. Tracing the value of the text field and the variable is showing the correct value that should be displayed. Fonts are embedded.


      I already checked: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4919054#4919054 and those updates are installed on my machine.


      Please, does anyone have an idea? I don't get around what might cause this or what I'm missing.