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    Edge Commons need server to work???

    Emad Zedan

      Hi all,


      although Edge Commons is not more than Javascript library, it do not run unless the html file that use it is one a server for example:


      1- when I test it using Ctrl+Enter it works.

      2- When I run it on a local host it works.


      but i need it to work on the local disk (offline no local host);


      and if it is may be something wrong with my code i will write it, but I do not think that the code has anything to do with this problem:


      on Composition Ready:






                complete: init


      function init() {

         // your code here



      on a button click:



                          myMovie1 = Movie1




      the movie is loaded but the Symbol mc_Circle do not play unless it was on a server, anybody faced this problem before, and has a solution for it??


      thanks in advnace