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    Customize Adobe Presenter presentation with satisfaction evaluation on exit


      I need to find an easy way to modify and customize (lots of) Adobe Presenter Powerpoint presentations,

      such that it is possible to start a satisfaction evaluation in the end and when aborting/exiting the presentation.


      The Powerpoint presentation will be will be deployed in Adobe Connect and must be supporting its proprietary tracking mechanisms.


      I need to integrate with Adobe Presenter Powerpoint presentation and find out the current slide number and total number of slides.


      One idea is to create and embed home-made flash as a swf-file into the Powerpoint presentation.

      Inside this swf-file it should be possible to track slide event/information using ActionScript.


      Inside this swf-file, I will use ExternalInterface javascript api to do changes to the html document,

      the adobe presenter Powerpoint presentation embedded in by Adobe Connect.


      How is this possible. Please provide any API information and/or code example.


      Alternative is to inject javascript from home-made swf-file, such that the injected javascript can track current slide,

      total number of slides, and end of presentation by accessing the presenter flash/movie object.


      I will be using Adobe Connect 8, Adobe Presenter 8 and Flash Professional CS6.