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    cfselect add/sub entries

      I'm building a product selector application. You can see a demonstration under http://www.rename.ch/test_productSelector/test.cfm. Idea is, that one can select a product group and/or subgroup in the most left cfselect area. On selection, it automatically updates the container in the middle (a cfselect with bind-Attribute set to the left container). Then, the user selects one or more products in the middle an clicks on the right arrow button. This calls a javascript function that adds the selected articles to the rightmost select area, and also removes the selected entries in the middle area. Now the tricky part: If you select another product group on the left side, the container in the middle should only select the articles not already in the right container. I tried to pass the data from the right container to the bind attribute, but this data is always empty...?
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          okay, got the answer myself... of course, it works, if i pass the content of the right most container in the bind. Problem was, that ONLY the selected entries will be transmitted. So, I extended the add/sub Javascript-functions, that they fill up a hidden form field, where all the selected entries are within. Now, it works perfect!