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    Flash Player Won't Install

    nanocreation76 Level 1

      So, I keep installing flash player 11.7 on my chrome-based browser, and on chrome itself.  I'm having some major trouble.  I keep getting "You have version 11,5,31,137 installed" when I go to http://www.adobe.com/swf/software/flash/about/flashAbout_info_small.swf, but I keep downloading from http://get2.adobe.com/flashplayer/?fpchrome.  My OS is Mac OS X 10.8.3.  I have the latest version of Torch Browser, if that's important.  My flash works fine on most sites, but on others it's just not working.  And I want to be able to download 11.7 anyway.  The download always completes perfectly, and the DMG says that it's installed, but even when I restart the browser and enable all plugins, I get "You have version 11,5,31,137 installed."  ••• --- •••