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    Set Trim Marks distance

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      Hi all!


      I have a problem. I have to create an add for a magazine.

      In the technical requirements they say that "the size of the ad file equals to the trim size of the magazine plus 15mm from each side (5mm of bleed box plus 10 mm for trim marks, file name, date and time). The trim box is to be centered strictly in the PDF file".


      So I wonder how (and if) it's possible to set the  10mm-size for the trim marks.


      Thanks in advance

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          ID will allow you to change the offset of the automatic crop marks when you export a PDF, but the automatic marks are shorter than 10 mm, so my inclination would be to use manually generated marks instead, and this is the workflow I would use:


          Set up the new file with the document size at the trim dimensions. Click the more options button to show the Bleed and Slug field if they are not showing already, and enter 5mm in the bleed size fields (by default these fileds are linked, so you can enter the number in the first field then move on to the Slug and they will all fill) then ente 15 mm in the first Slug box and click the chainlink symbol to fill the other three. Press OK.


          Your document will show boxes for the the page edge (and any margins you set), and outside that a red line indsicating the Bleed, and a cyan line indicating the slug area. Add a text box and type any page info you like into it in the slug area outside the bleed box, or you can use the Page Info automatic marks during export to add the filename, date and time.


          Build your ad, being sure to extend any color that hits the page edge out to the bleed guide.


          When you are finished, add a frame with no fill and no stroke the size of the page (trim) and select it. Open the Scripts panel and under Application find the Sample Scripts folder, then Javascript, and finally CropMarks.jsx. Double click the script. In the dialog, set the length of the marks to 10mm and the offset to 5mm (thpe in the units, ID will convert them to points), and click the "entire selection" radio button, and uncheck the Registration Marks box:

          Crop Marks Script Dialog.png


          The script will add a layer with the marks.


          When you export, go to the Marks and Bleeds screen and be sure you check the Include Slug Area box under bleed (the bleed size itself is now irrelevant). Also set the crop mark offset to 5mm and check the box for Page info if you didn't include that manually.

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            Thank you very much!