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    Turning layer on or off depending on answer is greater or smaller than a constant.

    Andy Greenwood

      Hi there,

        I've set up a PDF form in which I've got a few simple calculations boxes.  All calculations work fine but now I've been requested to ad another box which, if the answer in the final calculation box is less than 80, will turn green and say 'Complies' or, if the answer is greater than 80, will turn red and say 'Does not comply'.


        I'm guessing that I'd need to create an additional leayer in the InDesign document showing both states (as I would to create a rollover for example) and that I'd need to use an If/Else condition to turn either layer on or off.  Or maybe not, I'm pretty clueless as fas as Java goes.


        Another possible method I'd dreamed up would be to use if/else to import text from either one hidden field or another but I'm not sure whether this text could be coloured red or gree within Acrobat?


      If anybody could help me with this I'd be eternally grateful.  I'm creating the original doc in InDesign CS6 and then adding the calculatiosn in the resulting PDF using Acrobat Pro X.


      Thanks in advance.