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    Unusual hiccup in looped opacity (expression)


      Hi there,


      i built a simple strobe effect the following way:


      a black solid flashing on top of a white solid. for the flashing i looped the opacity by expression: loopOut(type="cycle")

      the keyframing is on hold with 3 keys: 0f=0% - 1f=100% - 2f=100%

      this means it should loop off - on - off - on.... change on every frame.


      and this is exactly what it does, till it comes to around 8 seconds. then there are suddendly 3 frames black, then it continues as it should.


      the comp is on 30fps, also the preview is on 30fps. the hiccup is always on the same position. doesn't matter if its previewed or rendered. there is nothing else happening at this point. it's very annoying, cause it destroys the momentum of the experience.


      Any idea what causes this interruption?

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          searslux Level 1

          Nice, i now will reply myself. this is the point where the trained video editors instantly would shout DROP FRAME...well i guess.

          the problem does not occur at 29.97 fps! obviously at 30fps there is one frame dropped after 8sec and xx frames.



          this strobe effect shows the differences of different comp fps settings. also very interesting, what happens at 24fps.