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    Reducing .pdf size with InDesign


      Good morning everyone!


      I have downloaded the trial version of InDesign to see if its the right tool to a very specific problem we are having in our engineering office and I have never used InDesign before.


      I need to dramatically reduce the overall file size of multi-page PDFs for underlaying in AutoCAD while retaining the detail from the original.  The PDF files we recevied from our client are rather large and underlaying them "as is" brings AutoCAD to a crawl.  I have been able to shrink the files appropriately in Illustrator but I would have to do it one page at a time to be able to reduce the file size which does not solve our time problem (I have one project in the pipeline that is going to require 200 pages).  JPEG's kind of work which I can do in batches in Illustrator, but AutoCAD does not have automation for underlaying JPEGs.  Keeping the PDF in vector fomat is the ideal solution if we can get the file size down.


      So far I have opened illustrator and tried to run the script for adding a multi-page PDF and what I bring in retains absolutely no detail from the PDF.


      So two questions:

      1) Can/How do I bring in a PDF drawing so it retains the vector detail, and

      2) Can I use Illustrator to shrink down the file size of a multi-page PDF (Adobe pro doesn't bring it down far enough)


      I know this is nowhere near the purpose of InDesign, but its our last avenue to solve our underlay issue in a way where everyone might win.


      Thank you!

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          benwiggy Level 1

          I'm confused: if the data is vector to begin with, then the dimensions are largely irrelevant. Shrinking a vector artwork in Illustrator shouldn't change the file size of the data. (Not proportionally anyway, though you may get some optimization.)

          IF the data is JPEG images (not vector, bitmap), then Photoshop is your best bet, and it has excellent automation capabilities for reducing the size of images.

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            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Use the right tool for the job...Acrobat. But be aware, there's a limit

            to how much you shrink the size of a PDF without destroying the quality.


            This has NOTHING to do with InDesign and I suggest paying a visit to the

            Acrobat forum for advice.



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              Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant
              1. You have to check where is highest amount of space used in the pdf? Are these images or structures you need or you don't need? Is it a profile? Use the audit function in the Acrobat Pro Optimizer dialog.
              2. When you know which part of the content of the pdf could be dismissed you can set up a properly pdf export setting or use a different export functionality to create pdfs like the export of interactive pdfs which will output smller pdfs.