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    Den första bilden kvar på monitorpanelen.


      När jag skall förhandsgranska så stannar den första bilden kvar på monitorpanelen och inte heller titlar visar sig.. Däremot hänger både musiken i ljudspåret och inläsningen i berättarröst-spåret med. Om man skall trimma i förhandsgranskningsfönstret så blir det ingen bild men däremot ljud. Jag har installerat om programmet flera gånger men det hjälper inte. Programmet är Adobe Premiere Elements 9. Har någon erfarenhet av detta problem, så skulle jag väldigt gärna vilja veta var lösningen finns. Jag har alltså tillverkat ett stort antal filmer tidigare med detta program och det har fungerat jättebra.

      Sven-Inge Karlsson ((sveningehem@gmail.com)

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          The first image left on the monitor.
          May 28, 2013 9:52 AM

          When I will preview it stops first image left on the monitor panel nor titles proves .. However hangs both the music in the soundtrack and scanning in voiceover track with. If one is to tune in the preview window so there will be no picture but sound. I have reinstalled the program several times but it does not help. The program is Adobe Premiere Elements 9. Has anyone experience this problem, I would very much like to know where the solution lies. So I have made a large number of movies in the past with this program and it has worked great.

          Sven-Inge Karlsson ((sveningehem@gmail.com)



          Please give further details of the Premiere Elements 9 project, such as:


          1. What is your computer operating system (including 32 or 64 bit system)? How much installed and available RAM and free hard drive space? Is your computer optimized including clean out for previews, conformed audio and video files? Do you have the 9.0.1 Update installed? Is your video card driver up to date?


          2. What is the project preset?


          3. What are the properties of what you have on the Timeline...video and audio compressions, frame size, frame rate, interlaced or progressive, aspect ratio, file extension, duration...if photos, what are their pixel dimensions and how many of them are there? Is this a larger project than you usually do?


          4. What is your intended export of your Timeline?


          Let us start here and then decide what next.


          If possible could you write in English to avoid you and others depending on Google Translate.


          Thank you.