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    a month of CS6

    Jeremy AB Level 1

      I just purchased CS6 last week but I've been using it in the trial version for about a month before. Over all I like it but there are a few things that keep coming up and drive me a little crazy...


      1. When editing text, the up and down arrows for changing the type size are disabled and unclickable in the control bar but still work in the Character Pane.

      2. InDesign's Control Bar still doesn't play nice with the OS X 10.8 notifications (it doesn't slide over with the rest of the app)

      3. Is it just me or did they swap the OK and Cancel buttons in the PDF Import Options dialog box? I keep blindly clicking the right button but it's now cancel, and it's ONLY in PDF options - everywhere else it's opposite.

      4. Step & Repeat - no longer selects the original object once you're done. This was a great time saver introduced in CS5 (I think) and now it's gone?


      #3 and 4 are particularly frustrating in my print and prepress environment.