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    Unable to clear overrides with Warnock Pro ornament (a real puzzle!)

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      This is really weird. I have a paragraph that InDesign CS6 is marking as



      Nothing I do clears this override (the little plus next to the paragraph



      Now, this is nothing very new. InDesign does do this sometimes.


      But this time I wanted to get to the bottom of it.


      I was able to isolate, I think, the issue, and it's really weird.


      Try this (but you'll need the font Warnock Pro):


      Create a new document. Create a new text frame. Type some text in

      Warnock Pro regular, and create and apply a paragraph style to that text.


      So far so good.


      Now, open the glyphs palette. Choose the ornaments subset to help you

      easily find the ornament in question. Insert GID918 (which strangely is

      Unicode 0066 - Latin Small Letter F!?) into the middle of your newly

      created paragraph.


      Note (please confirm) that the paragraph is now overriden, and there's

      nothing you can do about it.


      So that's somewhat bizzare: Inserting a particular glyph is causing a

      paragraph override!


      Do you get that behviour? Is this an InDesign bug, or a Warnock Pro bug?

      Or what?



      Win7 64-bit, InDesign CS6 ME