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    Why won't AMD graphics cards on supported list work with Premiere Pro CS6 or CC?


      I am trying to get my Radeon HD 7970 to work with Premiere Pro CS6.  The official compatibility list states that I can use this card to accelerate the Mercury Playback Engine.  After Effects and Photoshop CS6 both recognize the card but Premiere Pro will not.  I have tried every fix there is out there, I have contacted the support department and they assured me that it should work with CS6 and with CC. 


      I tried a fresh install of my OS and a fresh install of CS6, then fully updated the software.  I have also tried the same with the CC trial, which I'm told that CC is actually just CS6 so that was apparently a waste of time.


      What do I need to do to get a supported card to actually work with Premiere Pro?


      My OS is updated, I installed the latest drivers for my GPU and also tried a fresh install of CS6 and of CC... no luck whatsoever.


      MPE setting stays greyed out no matter what I do.