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    Suddenly my PS CS5 defaulted its "Save As" to JPEG2000, how do I restore it back to "Save As" JPEG?

    Blue Ribbon Pet Level 1

      I got a new computer (Windows 7) at work this April and as of today, when I work on any of my JPEG images in PS CS5, suddenly it has defaulted its "Save As" to JPEG2000. How did this default change and how do I get it to default save as. JPEG again? There was nothing I noticed and no warning as to why this has changed, I didn't touch a thing!


      (Last week, Adobe had to work with our IT manager to fix a problem that started occuring with my new Adobe Acrobat Pro 11 program. They had to log into my computer and change a registry thing to get it to work properly again...also something that changed without warning!!)