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    I am having trouble playing music and playing games at the same time. Music cuts out!


      I cannot play the radio and listen to music without the music cutting on and off.while I am playing games ..it must be the Flash player as when I bring up the Flash player by right clicking..the problem stops..so I left click and play game some more and the music goes off..eventually..so I right click again.... and this all goes on and on and on.  Have checked out the other sites and done all they tell me to do..you are the only one left to check out. 

      This does not happen when I go to Internet Explorer.. only I like Chrome as my brouser and think I should be able to have what I want.  The game is Big Farm Goodtime Studios and there are a lot of animations going on there,,I cannot find a way to turn them off neither..to see if this is interfering with my music.

      New computer..Windows 8 player. I am in Georgia, USA

      HELP..someone!  katmajik