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    Streamlining P2 'relay' files?

    Laguna Hiker

      I'm using a Panasonic P2 camera to shoot, and Premiere Pro to edit. P2 cameras have dual P2 card slots, and they implement a 'relay' function where the camera automatically switches to the second P2 card when the first one is full and marks the second file as a continuation of the first.


      Premiere Pro CS6 does a good job with 'relay' files in edit mode. I import the first file, and PP also imports the content from the second file. It treats the second file as a continuation of the first, so it doesn't show me a separate clip in the Project panel for the continuation file. Unfortunately, that leads to a problem.


      When I use the PP Project Manager to streamline a project with 'relay' files, the Project Manager doesn't recognize the second file as a continuation of the first. So, the resulting streamlined project fails to include the continuation file, which means that I have to hunt it down and manually include it in the streamlined project. That's a time-consuming hassle when I'm doing project cleanup.


      Has anyone else run into the same problem? Is there a PP setting that will enable the Project Manager to find continuation files when streamlining a project? Is there a utility that will find and merge the two files in a 'relay' pair? Thanks for your help.