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    I am not getting any data when someone fills out my form

    3amteacher Level 1

      I created a new form and placed the embed code on my site. The form seems to be working properly; however, I have had two people tell me that they filled out the form and I did not receive any information. I did not get an email notification and when I look at the form in my account, there are no submissions. Am I doing something incorrectly?


      Here is where I have the form embedded.



      One client used the direct link and I still did not get the form data.


      I would appreciate your help


      Thank you,


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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          Are you sure that the folks who submitted it completed the form and saw the "You are now being re-directed to..." message? 


          One thing I noted filling out the form is that if you have not filled out all of the required fields nothing apears to happen when you click "Submit", users could think that they have submitted at this point, knowing the expectations I saw it had not submitted and scrolled up to locate the field I had not filled in...  I will look into why we are not scrolling the page to identify the missing field.


          Does this sound like it could be the issue?  Did you just get a "Adobe test" submission from me? 


          Do you have both Email Receipts and Email Notifications turned on, or just the Notifications?  I did not get a receipt, but you hadn't stated those were enabled.




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            3amteacher Level 1

            Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly!! Both clients who

            filled out the form online said that nothing happened when they clicked the

            submit button, so I have to assume that some of the required fields were

            left blank.


            This is my first time creating a form and there is probably quite a bit

            more I should learn to make them as user-friendly as possible.


            I have the email receipts as well as email notification enabled and I did

            get a test submission from you. I was excited and relieved to see it there.


            I know that the form is not very well written, so I will definitely need to

            make some improvements as I learn how to work with the interface. I wanted

            the form cells to automatically add the prices and place the estimated

            total at the bottom, but I have so many people wanting blog designs right

            now that I did not take the time to see if this was even possible.


            I originally was looking into signing up with Wufoo online forms (

            http://www.wufoo.com/); however, I like having as many things in one place

            as possible and I have gone almost 100% Adobe. I was drawn to Wufoo because

            the forms were more modern-looking and there were more options available to

            customize the design of the form; however, it would be yet another account

            that I would have to set up. Plus, I have always been happy with Adobe

            products. I bought a Cintiq 24HD this year and I have never loved my Adobe

            programs more than I do now. The only program I am missing is Adobe

            Presenter, which I can't wait to get. Go figure that the only program I

            don't own is the one program that is not available through the cloud



            Well, if you have some tips and or places to direct me to where I can learn

            how to make the forms better - I would really appreciate the help. I do not

            want basic directions for how to create a new form or add a field... I need

            a more advanced tutorial or help tips that will deal more with the code to

            improve the form than with the basic settings. I am not sure if this is

            even possible as I did not see an option to edit the form in code.


            Thank you so much for your help!! I am glad to know that the form does, in

            fact, work.




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              Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

              I'm very happy to hear how much you enjoy your various Adobe products and services:-)  I hope you do find FormsCentral to suit your needs, we are constantly working to improve and provide what our customers need. 


              On the issue where your form does not scroll up when someone clicks "Submit" but has not filled out all required fields to show which required fields were not completed, we are aware of it and have a fix coming, I can't say exactly when but soon, that will help your form out a lot.


              I think you've done a fine job at designing your form, I did notice one of the dropdown menu's (Social media graphic link) still has "Choice 2" as an option and doesn't look complete.  My preference would be to add some page breaks so the form is shorter and multiple pages, that would still work in the embedded form.


              FormsCentral is really designed to be easy to use and does not really have much in the way hidden advanced settings, who knows as our features grow we may want to have a basic and advanced settings, but for now most of the features are fairly obvious.  I don't know of more advanced tutorials, but this is a good collection on the general features: https://www.acrobat.com/formscentral/en/library/how-to-make-create-survey-or-form.html  Maybe you'll discover a feature there you weren't aware of.  Always feel free to ask any questions here while designing your form here and we'll do our best to answer.



              Josh Corey

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                3amteacher Level 1

                Thank you so much!! I was hesitant to get the cloud service last year

                because I did not really see the benefits of having it, but after

                downloading all of the correlating design apps that sync right up to my

                computer, I have been so impressed and very happy that I did sign up. Adobe

                everything (ha) has saved my life!! Literally.


                I am an artist and I also do web/blog design and coding, so I  spend hours

                in my office. Having the ipad, along with the Adobe apps and cloud service,

                I can draw from  anywhere!! I do not use the ipad for detailed

                illustrations; however, it is great when I am making custom graphics for

                teachers. I am completely self-taught, so I like to see improvements and

                will upgrade whenever something new comes out.


                I received a duel Masters Degree in Curriculum Development and Planning and

                I ended up doing graphic design and art..ha!! I have always been an artist,

                but in a more tangible - paint all over the place- sort of way. I have

                painted murals since I was very young, but I never planned on it being a

                career choice. A few years ago my husband purchased a Wacom tablet after I

                was drooling over one in a nerd magazine, cut out the image, and taped it

                to my forehead... just in case he wasn't listening when I told him that I

                had to have it..haha


                This last year, I did the same thing when Wacom came out with the new

                Cintiq 24HD Touch (although, I could not afford the touch...maybe next

                year). I love being able to draw directly onto a screen, but I still get

                that urge to paint and sketch using raw materials..haha


                It seems as though Forms Central is in its beginning stages and I have a

                feeling that more features will soon be added (hoping...with a hand-drawn

                image taped to my forehead of what I would like to see..haha).


                Thank you for the suggestions and I will fix the option in the drop down

                and add a few page breaks. I also think all of those boxes look cluttered

                and a bit overwhelming, so it looks like I have some improvements to get

                done on my end.


                I think you might digitally punch me through the computer, but I caved in

                and signed up for Wufoo. I couldn't resist leaving behind all of those

                enticing features. I am going to use those forms for our HVAC company and

                keep Adobe for myself. I think my husband will have an easier time using

                Wufoo than the Forms Central right now... he is actually the complete

                opposite of me and is only allowed to work one computer in the house. His

                computer knowledge is limited to the start button and the Chrome

                Icon..haha. I can't leave behind Adobe because it is just too convenient

                for me. I will continue learning and will look forward to having more



                If you would like some customer feedback (not that you have a choice at

                this point), I have to say that the biggest competition between Wufoo and

                Adobe Forms Central is that Wufoo  adds the small print and multiple boxes

                for the name, address and other field options (which they call fancy pants

                by the way). I would attach a screenshot; however, the fine print in your

                email states that I can not add an attachment to a reply message for the

                forum... I like the clean design and convenience of Adobe forms, but I like

                the "fancy-pants" option in Wufoo forms. For now, they will have to play

                nice with one another.



                Thank you again for your help. Let me know if you ever need Beta testers

                for an upgrade of Forms Central..or Adobe Presenter...just a thought...haha




                The 3AM Teacher - Designs