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    Dreamweaver CS4 - Server Busy Problem



      I purchased Adobe Suite CS4

      several years ago, received a serial number, and successfully installed

      all of the Adobe programs.



      All of a sudden, when I click the

      Dreamweaver CS4 shortcut, the

      Dreamweaver background appears, with a "Server Busy" box, with the

      error message "action cannot be

      completed because the other

      program is busy,

      choose Switch or Retry".  Retry

      doesn't do anything, and "Switch To"displays the start menu.

      I switched to Dreamweaver CS4 from the

      all programs list, and Dreamweaver appears

      without the "Server Busy" message, but then it reappears when

      I attempt to set the site root folder.


      I notice that there are two

      Dreamweaver buttons at the bottom task bar (and that there are two

      Dreamweaver programs in the task manager), but neither button functions

      when I click on each one to try to close it.  Deleting one or the other

      from the task bar doesn't eliminate the error message.


      In addition, Photoshop CS4 stalls

      when it is trying to locate plug-ins.  However, Flash and Illustrator do

      execute properly.


      Can anyone me advise how to solve this





      Stuart Braun