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    How do I stop Premiere Elements 8 from making my video clips jerky when I import them?


      Hi all,


      I have taken some video for a school project on a low end sony DSC-H10 digital camera. This video plays back just fine on the camera and on my computer using VLC media player or windows media player. However, when I import it into premiere and add it to my timeline it becomes jerky. This persists even after it renders. At first I thought it was just a playback problem, and would not happen when I exported the video, but I have tried to export it in several different formats for playback on my computer and it persists in each one. I have a high end laptop with 8gb of ram, intel i7 processor, and and ATI HD 5650 1gb graphics card. I should add that it is not simply lagging video, but rather more like certain frames are repeating to create the jerkiness. Any help would be much appreciated, as I have a deadline in the morning, thanks!