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    Editing on two different computers -> Media Cache Files/Media Cache Database

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      Premiere Pro CS6


      I'm a bit frustrated at the moment as I can't figure out WHY Premiere as an application, and not on a per-project location, has to have one place for the media cache.

      I edit on two computers. A MacBook Pro and my MacPro. I'm on the road editing and injesting footage, then I edit from the same hard drive on my MacPro.


      What I'm running into is that I have 13 1-hour shows on my hard drive and ingested into my PP project and all the audio has been conformed.

      Now, when I open it up again on my MacPro, it's conforming audio all over again.


      What I need is on a project basis to have the cache be user selectable, not just on a base application layer.


      I don't want Premiere Pro or any application having to take up space on an internal hard drive when I really need that data to go between my two computers.

      Also, if I end up sharing this edit with another editor, those files really should go along with that project and not be kept on my computer.


      Sure, the other editor and 're-conform' but it takes a LONG time when you have 13 1-hour programs broken into 3 segments with 5 cameras for each shoot.


      Can someone please point me in the right direction so I can figure this out?