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    Importing MPG files - media pending?


      Hi Guys,


      Have  only just started using PE11 and have editted some footage from my  Gopro ( mp4 files ) and my Intova ( mov files ) with ease. I just tried  to edit some of my older footage take around two years ago from a  digital video camera which have mpg files and are unable to import them  into premier elements.


      They  appear in the timeline showing the correct file duration but the media  display shows 'Media Pending'  in several different languages. There  also isn't any audio. I have tried waiting 30 minutes without any  change. My computer was able to load the previous file types which were  considerably larger instantly.


      I  have the mpg files in my docs same as the other files. I'm able to play  the mpg videos with media player on my computer without any problems.  Is there anyway of being able to import these into premier elements 11. I  have quite alot of this footage I want to edit which was I bought this  program in the first place? A solution to this would be very much  appreciated. Thanks.