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    Unique links to survey recipients

    uthanai hdfclife

      Can I send unique links to the survey recipients, so I can identify their responses

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          Pengpeng Sun Level 1

          The URL for a FormsCentral distributed form is unique, every recipients will go to the same URL and submit their data. My suggestion is adding a required Name or E-mail address field, so that you can identify all responses by their name or E-mail address.

          Let me know if this can not fulfill your requirement.



          Pengpeng Sun

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            uthanai hdfclife Level 1

            Unfortunately I think this may not fulfill the requirement.


            Some more context: I would like to send a survey to 5,000 employees. I would like each of them to receive a unique link so I can link the responses to their employee ID.


            It would be helpful to know if there are options other than the following:

            1. Creating/ Copying-pasting 5,000 surveys - as I would like to use the report functionality to consolidate responses
            2. Asking respondents to enter their employee ID/ name/ email - as respondents may enter the wrong name/ email ID



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              Pengpeng Sun Level 1

              I think you already got the two ways you can do this, I recommend the second one.

              Adding some limitions to the employeeID/name/email field may reduce the chance of wrong data.

              For ex:

              Using number field if employeeID is all numbers.

              Using text field with limit character count if employee ID is kind of fixed length.

              Make employeeID, name and email field as required, you can easily tell a response come from whom by the combination of these three fields data.



              Pengpeng Sun