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    ArgumentError: Error #2173:(how to get values from java object)

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      I am very much new to flex. I want to do flex work in Adobe flash as 3.0. On a flex sample file i saw they use

      [RemoteClass(alias="com.aaa..bbb")]  meta tag... and socket amf3 connection to send values from flex to java.


      for the above flex code i found the equalent code on adobe flash as3 registerClassAlias(""com.aaa..bbbt",bbb);


      i send same socket am3 connection its sucess and i got result from server too....


      when i try to read the response object it shows error


      function onSocketDataa(ev:ProgressEvent):void



           var o:Object;

           o          = sock.readObject();

           for(var i in obj)






      ArgumentError: Error #2173: Unable to read object in stream.  The class flex.messaging.io.ArrayCollection does not implement flash.utils.IExternalizable but is aliased to an externalizable class.

                at flash.net::Socket/readObject()

                at socket_sample_fla::MainTimeline/onSocketDataa()


      RangeError: Error #2006: The supplied index is out of bounds.

                at flash.net::Socket/readObject()

                at socket_sample_fla::MainTimeline/onSocketDataa()


      I am not able to understand what kind of communication happen between client and server. I want to receive the objects from the server. How to do that on Adobe flash as3?