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    [JS][CS6] Create destination from CharStyle and automate hyperlinking

    chrlsdrwn12 Level 1

      Hi Script Gurus,


      I've been wondering for years if I can automate the time consuming hyperlinking of cross-references. Here's the scenario:


      There's a figure citation in paragraphs which is something like this: "As depicted in Figure 1.1, this idealized earth would consist..."


      Then that citation needs to be linked to the figure caption which is on another text frame which fortunately has character styling named 'cFCN' which looks something like: "FIGURE 1.1 View of earth’s interior..."


      So my idea is to find the character style 'cFCN' and create hyperlink destinations then find all citations which will match the hyperlink destination we created and link to that.


      Any idea?