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    Security violation error (error code 2148532330) in Acrobat Pro XI with Windows 8


      I have two certificates, physically residing on the same (Belgian) government issued smart card. One is labeled "Authentication" (Intended usage: sign transaction), and the other is labeled "Signature" (Intended usage: sign document). I have been trying to add a signature to a pdf document in Acrobat Pro XI (trial) on WIndows 8 Home (64 bit). It works perfectly with the "Authentication" certificate, but all attempts with the "Signature" certificate yield the following error:


      Error encountered while signing:

      The Windows Cryptographic Service Provider reported an error:

      Access was denied because of a security violation.

      Error Code: 2148532330


      The only relevant difference between both certificates that I have been able to spot, is in the "key usage" field of the certificate ("sign transaction" versus "sign document"). Any thoughts on what might be wrong?