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    Automation Plugin




      I'm new in developing Premiere Pro Plugins and want to code a plugin, which automaticly adds files to a new project, sets their inPoints and outPoints and add some effects in a new composition also added automaticly.


      First question, is there a way to script this stuff in JavaScript(ExtendScript) like in Adobe After Effects? I just did some scripting last week and developt some useful features for AAE.

      I read this thread http://forums.adobe.com/thread/683144?tstart=0 and I'm wondering if I develop a script, how can I start this one in Premiere Pro?


      I was also reading the PDF of the SDK and tried some example projects, but I'm also new to C++.


      Which example project should I look on and rewrite to get the automation I am looking for?

      Also I want to develop an external software which calls this plugin to start the automation. Is this possible?


      Thanks for the help!


      Best Regards