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    window size gets shrinked

    Egor Malanichev Level 1

      I'm writing an extension for Adobe Illustrator and I encountered a problem with the size of the extension panel.


      The problem is:


      If I alt+tab (or loose the focus in any other way) while Illustrator is launching, once I open Illustrator my extension panel size is shrinked to extremely small numbers (approximately 2x2 or something similar).


      This only happens if I set minHeight, minWidth and maxHeight maxWidth. It does not matter if I set it up in Bundle Manifest, or in <csxs:CSXSWindowedApplication declaration.



      Another strange thing is that, when i do not specify min and max size settings (thus my extension is completely resizable, and launches correctly event if i was alt+tabed while launching Illustrator),

      the function:

      var winGeom:WindowGeometry = new WindowGeometry();

      winGeom.width = 500;

      winGeom.height = 700;

      CSXSInterface.getInstance().requestStateChange(StateChangeEvent.WINDOW_RESIZE, winGeom);


      does NOT resize the panel.


      P.S. how to make your panel window not resizable? The way i'm doing it is setting minWidth, maxWidth and minHeight, maxHeight to the same numbers. Are there any better solutions?


      thanks for any and all help!