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    I need to flip symbol horizontally on playreverse


      Hi all,


      I hope any of you geniusses can help me.  I'm doing an animation where I have a 2d side scrolling concept.


      I have a side scrolling world with road, and the user controls a car driving left or right from one area to the other.  The user controls the direction of the car via keydown (arrow keys).


      Now the problem is, if the user presses right, then it works fine and the car drives forward to where I want it to stop.  But if the user presses left to go back to a previously visited area...the car reverses to the previous area.


      The way the keydown events control the timeline is simply if the user presses the right arrow key I simply call sym.play(); and when the user presses the left arrow key I call sym.playReverse();


      Is there any way how I can manage to either swap the car symbol with another symbol...or flip the car symbol 180 degrees.


      The desired effect is, if I call the play action the car must face right >


      and when I can the playReverse action the car must face left <


      Please help.


      Many thanks in advance