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    HTTPS Author Setup Flush Issue

    gjacca Level 1



      I was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on a problem we are having setting up HTTPS for the Author login:


      Environment Details:

      Adobe CQ version 5.5 (1 author and two publish instances)

      Oracle HTTP Server used as dispatcher (2 dispatchers)

      Amazon Elastic Load Balancer



      We are trying to configure HTTPS for the author login only. When HTTPS was enabled it caused the dispatcher flush to stop working and we received errors in the dispatcher flush log stating “HTTP 404 Not Found”. This happened when we attempted to activate any changes to pages. When we activated changes to existing pages the cache version of the page was not flushed and we therefore could not see the changes at the dispatcher level.


      We do not cache the author instance but do cache the publish instances. We are happy not to cache the author instance or any of the HTTPS traffic.  We are looking for advice on how to set up this configuration correctly.


      Has anyone seen something similar before? What was the steps to resolve?