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    Application Manager not recognizing Edge Animate install


      I open up my Application manager about every other day or so to check and make sure I did not miss any updates. However, I noticed the other day that Edge Animate had reverted back to the Install link rather than the up to date text.


      The program was still installed on my computer, but I went ahead and clicked Install and let it go through its process. Upon closing the Application Manager and reopening it still went back to Install.


      So I opened up my applications and did an uninstall of Edge Animate (removing prefrences and all) and then went through the install process once again.


      Yet the Application Manager STILL will not recognize the program as being installed.


      Why is this, and will it effect Edge Animate recieving updates when they are released since the Application Manager doesn't even realize it has isntalled the program?


      *Other Information*


      I am running OS X 10.8.3