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    I am no longer able to move/delete any shapes using the drawing tools.


      I inadvertently did something that affects my ability to move or delete a rectangle/ellipse/polygon shape drawn using tools.  I can still resize using anchor points but I cannot actually "grab" the shape using the selection tool.  Whatever I did is carrying through as a preference (maybe) as it continues even when I open a new document.  The interesting thing is, if i go back and copy a shape I created previous to "flipping the mystery switch" I am able to manuipulate that shape as normal. 


      One thing I have noticed is on the "old" shape, the one I can still manipulate it appears with only the 8 anchor points on the paths.  When I attempt to create a new shape, one that cannot be moved or deleted, it appears with the 8 anchor points on the paths and a point in the middle of the shape.  I dont know if they will help anyone to identify what is happening, but I thought I would include any info I could.


      I have already tried resetting preferences in an attempt to change whatever it is back.  I have also verified that I am not working on a master or a locked layer.


      I am using Indesign cs5.5 on a PC.


      I am a farily new user to InDesign, so any help would be much appreciated! 


      M. M.