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    Book transfer issue with only difference being: Item Info/Viewing: any device OR any standalone devi

    Roy Coast SC

      I use ADE to transfer from a PC (windows 7) to a Nook. I have had no problems until a recent book purchase. I can't transfer the book to the Nook [book title CE_COPY_NOT_ALLOWED - No permission to copy the book]. I have done all the authorization things that are always recommended [authorize PC, delete and authorize PC, delete Nook folders, reauthorize Nook, etc.] several times. All the old books will copy to the Nook fine. But the new one won't [I even purchased another one to verify and it would not]. I have 2 books (one will copy and one will not) from the same publisher (one I purchased a few months ago and the other is the new one). The only difference that I can see is that when you select the book, right click, look at Item Info, under viewing there are 2 different things. For the book that will copy, viewing: on any device. For the book that will not copy, viewing: on any standalone device]. It seems to be a DRM change. What can I do?