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    Document Window "Stuck"

    PixelVideos Level 1

      I use a dual monitor setup on a PC.  I am using Photoshop CS6.  When I open a document, it gets "stuck" in the left screeen even though the Photoshop window covers both screens.  I have tried blowing out the presets and redoing the Windows> Arrange settings... nothing works.  Does anyone have thoughts on how to fix this?


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          PixelVideos Level 1

          UPDATE!!! After a long session with Adobe Online Photoshop dude.... determined that it COULD be associated with a recent update to the Nvidia drivers, etc.  Not sure why, but the nview desktop manager needs to be DISABLED.  Turn it on and SNAP.  Turn if off and AHHHHH!  Freedom again!!!  Hank

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            Brett N Adobe Employee

            When you say that you have Photoshop covering both screens, do you mean you have stretched the application window across both sides, or have you just moved some of the panels to the second screen?


            Whenever you open a file, it will always open on the screen in which the upper left of the application window is in, so if your Photoshop is on both screens, it will always open on the left one.


            You should be able to move it after opening the file. By default, Photoshop used tabbed image windows. These are docked to the application window, by you should be able to simply drag the tab to the second monitor to make it a free floating window. You can also disable tabbed documents in the Preferences (under Interface and then Options, uncheck "Open Documents as Tabs").

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              Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

              Are you using windows xp?

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                PixelVideos Level 1

                No. Windows 7

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                  PixelVideos Level 1

                  1. Yes application is stretched across both screeens. But, ultimately did not matter which screen the app was in.... some panels on the left and some on the right


                  2. Not the issue


                  3. Free floating was what I was looking for.  "nview desktop" being enableed was somehow inhibiting that from happening.