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    Fireworks animated gif looping errors




      I am creating several ad banners in Fireworks, each with 3 rotations of 4 seconds per rotation. I am setting the looping of the ad to 2 loops. When I test the ad in Firefox it loops 2 times then stops as it's supposed to. However, when I test the same file in Safari, the ad loops 3 times, not 2. I have tried altering delay times, etc with no success. Does anyone know why this is happening?




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          groove25 Level 4

          Did you try previewing the ads in Fireworks using File > Image Preview and choosing the Animation tab?


          It's likely not a problem with Safari but an annoying example of cross-browser inconsistency. If you look in Fireworks' Animation tab, you'll see several looping options. One button says "Play once", the next says "Loop" and its accompanying field says "Number of times to repeat". The wording is slightly ambiguous: Does "number of times to repeat" mean the total number of passes or the numer of passes after the initial play-through? The answer comes when you preview the animation by clicking the Play button: it's the number of repetitions after the intial play-through. So, for example, a loop value of "2" will actually represent 3 total passes, coming back to rest on the intial frame.


          But neither browser that I tested in plays the GIF in exactly this way. Safari came closest, playing the GIF three times and coming to rest on the last frame of the animation. Firefox only played the GIF twice and also came to rest on the last frame.


          If the number of repetitions and the final frame state is crucial here, you could try looping/extending the animation by adding frames manually, and selecting the "Play once" option, though that might bloat the file size.