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    Highlighting an item in a scene


      I am trying to "highlight" certain items in a scene in my movie.

      The topic is on welding, and I start by saying "gather your supplies...you will need...a welding mask, protective gloves, a torch, etc..." and as I say each item, I want it to "light up."


      I have a scene playing as I say "you will need..." and then I inserted a freeze frame & turned the color down on it (so it is nearly black & white). Then I laid that same freeze frame above it on a different track, and used the crop feature to highlight the items as they are listed. It just doesn't look very clean though...since you can only do a perfect square, and everything I want to highlight is not square.




      I tried the vignetting effect, but that just vignettes the whole scene, you can't specify where you want it to highlight.


      Please let me know some suggestions for how to acheive the look I am going for. Let me know if you need more details.