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    Paint over or replace color in a selected area - How?

    Nikon D90 Gent II

      I was in the mountains taking photos yesterday.


      Unfortunately while I was there a rather pale blue sky turned grey.


      So I have a nice water fall and ugly white grey sky above it.


      I have PSE 9 and bought it for occasions just like this.


      Just downloaded a trial version of PSE 11.


      What is my best option to convert the sky to blue?


      Since I'm a begginer, any steps listed to get this acheived would be very appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Brett N Adobe Employee

          Try starting with the Smart Brush (under the Red Eye Removal tool, looks like a wide paint brush). It's default setting is "Blue Skies". Basically, you use this tool to paint in a region that you want to apply the effect (for non-beginners, it uses the Smart Selection tool to create a mask for an Adjustment Layer). As you paint in the sky, it will attempt to find the boundaries of the sky region automatically and turn it blue.