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    From Sony Vegas Pro to Adobe Premiere Pro

    Gospadin Level 1

      For several years I have worked in Sony Vegas Pro and am a recent convert to Adobe Creative Cloud.  Mostly what I do are videos of our travels.  In Vegas Pro, I would prepare a separate file for each location of our trip, and then in Sony DVD Architect Pro I would create a top-level first page and enter a menu link for each location we visited and place the corresponding file for that location into menu item.  I have spent the last couple of months preparing videos of a trip we took in December 2011, one file for each location using Premiere Pro.  The learning curve for Premiere Pro was itself fairly daunting, but now I've been trying to learn how to put those files into a menu-based DVD using Encore.  All the tutorials on Encore and Premiere Pro (and After Effects) that I've seen do not seem to work the way I'm used to working.  It appears that when you're preparing a video of a multi-location trip, in these apps you just assemble all the locations (files) on one timeline in Premiere Pro and then in Encore or Premiere Pro, you enter chapter markers that separate the entire project into separate menu items.  Is this correct?  If it is correct, is there any way for me now to take these separate files that I've spent months preparing and place them into one timeline in Premiere Pro so that I can then enter chapter markers to separate them into separate menu items?  Help!!  I sincerely hope I haven't wasted several months of work because I didn't understand how different Adobe is from Sony.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          If I understand you correctly, you have a sequence with the footage of location A, call that Sequence A.

          Then you have a different sequence with the footage from location B, call that Sequence B.

          And so on for C, D, ...


          Put all these sequences into a new sequence, the master sequence, where you have Sequence A, B, C, D, ... butt to butt.

          Place your chapter markers at the beginning of Sequence A, B, C, D, ... and export to Encore.


          In Encore make the menus to play A, B, C, D, ...

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            Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Let's call Harm's method the "single timeline" method. And yes, that will work fine. The issue with it is how to play chapters (to plan only location A) without the play continuing on to the next location. The traditional method with a single timeline uses overrides (that cause many users fits) or with a relatively newer option, single chapter "Chapter Playlists."


            An alternative is to do what you have been doing before. Export each sequence as its own file (use the MPEG2-DVD format). Import to Encore as timelines. Create a "Playlist" and put all the timelines into it. Your "Play All" button goes to this playlist. To play one location, link that button to that locations timeline.


            You can also use dynamic link, but it causes problems for some users/purposes.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              I constantly use Stanley's method. For me, each Sequence is a "scene," or "chapter."


              Those work perfectly in Encore, and I use the Playlists, just as he mentions.


              Good luck,



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                Gospadin Level 1

                Thanks.  I’m working with a tech support guy right now who is leading me through this method.






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