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    Movie Playing multiple audio tracks & echoing

    jomo5280 Level 1

      I have a movie that is in a symbol that i want to play after a set amount of time by using setInterval. The function works - but when it shows the symbol and plays - it plays multiple audio tracks at the same time - sounding like an echo and or a 1-2 second delay on the same audio track. It also seems the audio starts playing on the main root without actually triggering the playhead of the video symbol.


      Following is the code i am using for both timer and the video. Any pointers?


      // interval

               var timer = setInterval(onTimer,10000);

               var mysymbol = sym.getSymbol("btn1_video");



               // function

               function onTimer() {



                  // clear last interval




                  // action






      //and on on the movie symbol timeline trigger:


      var vid = $("<video width='818' height='460' autoplay='autoplay' preload='auto' controls='controls' id='videoID'>" +

      "<source src='video/testvideo.m4v' type='video/mp4' />" +

          "<source src='video/testvideo.webm' type='video/webm' />" +

         "<source src='video/testvideo.ogg' type='video/ogg' />" +

         "This browser is not compatible with HTML 5" +