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    Importance of Thunderbolt for RAW workflow?


      Coming to digital from (long-ago) film; planning to start with short DSLR projects (H.264) and whatever the procedure will turn out to be for the new MagicLantern RAW hacks, plus a dog's breakfast of earlier digital formats, and moving to the Black Magic "Production" camera if it ever appears, ProRes followed by the BMPC's particular interpretation of RAW, including by this time longer documentary projects that can generate many hours of footage; occasional multi-camera set-ups; up to 8 tracks of sound; 4K when available to allow re-framing in HD; no 3D; editing in Premium Pro for the time being, grading in Resolve:

      Planning an x79 box (i7 3930, P9x79, 64G RAM, SSDs for apps and "scratch", maybe a RAID5 4x1 tb) but agonizing over how much (and how soon) the arrival of decent Thunderbolt PC chipsets and motherboards will make USB 3 feel like a ball and chain, especially when it comes to using the computer as hub for editing external HDD RAID arrays, plus transfer requirements I don't yet comprehend, for moving things in and out.  I gather that the CPUs in this new dawn will have a different socket, who knows if even the memory can be scavenged?!

      I won't be working under industrial-type pressure of lots of paid work on tight deadlines (at least I hope not), but time is still money, and I know from experience that faster processing enables the luxury of trial & error in editing, enduring quality's determinant.  Well, "enduring" that's a big word, but you know what I mean. 


      Is this mountain actually a molehill?