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    Placing .CR2 Files


      I am using Elements 8.  I am trying to form layers with 5 .CR2 files that I took on the same camera.  I have created a blank file of appropriate size and have 6 layers including the background.  However, I am having trouble bringing the files into the Elements.  Any suggestions? 

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          Baljeet S. Juneja Adobe Employee

          Hi pbridgerx1, what trouble are you facing ?

          Can you explain the complete workflow in detail ?

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            whsprague Adobe Community Professional

            Is that a RAW file?  It could be that the camera is newer than version 8 and there is an ACR mismatch. 


            Find what version and even if ACR is installed.  Then find that version at Adobe and see if your particular camera is on the list. 


            If none of that works, download the free Adobe DNG converter and convert the CR2s to DNGs.



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              pbridgerx1 Level 1

              I use the following:


              1)  Open Elements

              2)  File>New>Blank

              3)  Enter the File Name:  Tractor 1

              4)  Width:  5752

              5)  Height: 3186

              6)  Hit "Enter" and the background tab opens in the Layers area and in the Project Bin


              I repeat steps 2) through 6) for each of the next 5 layers naming them Tractor 2 . . . 6.



              The camera is a Canon Rebel T1i.


              The file is a RAW file.

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                pbridgerx1 Level 1

                I checked the Adobe list and my camera is on it for Elements 8.

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                  whsprague Adobe Community Professional

                  I tried!  But, by guess didn't work.  Sorry!

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                    99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Start from full edit using:


                    File >> Open


                    Select your five images and click Open to launch the camera raw dialog. Then select all (top of left hand column in camera raw) and click the button (bottom right) Open Images


                    The five CR2 files will appear in the project bin.


                    Then create your template and set your dimensions etc using:


                    File >> New >> Blank File


                    Now drag the first CR2 from the project bin and drop it on top of the template. Then repeat for the other four CR2 files. You will get each  on a separate layer.

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                      pbridgerx1 Level 1

                      The above worked perfectly.  Thank you.


                      I am trying to combine the layers.  I know the next step is to select each of the layers and align them using the move tool.  However, I can't seem to select all of the layers.  I used the CTRL + Left Click on each but I can't seem to get them all selected.


                      Also, after I have aligned each of the layers, what command do I use to combine them?


                      Thanks in advance.