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    Budget €2300,- Need advice with laptop hardware for AE, Premiere Pro CC/CS6

    Umed Annaniaz

      Hi Folks,


      These are some specific questons so if one of you have purchased or upgraded their laptop recently could know some of these things. Otherwise, any informed idea is really appriciated.


      I'm planning to purchase a production laptop specially for AE and Premiere Pro.

      I've come to understand that my budget allows me to have a nvidia Quadro M3000k. I guess you guys understand why I focuse

      on the video card. My reasoning is: finding a machine with 3rd gen core i7, 16 or 32gb of ram, 1080p screen etc is quite easy in todays machines.

      But I'm sturggeling to find one with the right, and affordable video card. My budget is arond 2300 euros btw. Give or take a 100.




      - Concidering my 2300 euro budget, do any of you know a good machine to suggest? Besides what I mentioned above, I'm looking for one where I can put 32gb ram in.


      - In the link below, nvidia itself suggestes some laptops, I ended up with the HP EliteBook 8770w (it may seem quite cheap for my budget but unfortunately me living in Holland means by the time it has been imported and all the taxes paid, the price will be quite a bit more) and Dell Precision m6700 (this one is around 2300 euros in Holland).



      - And am I failing to concider some other important feature folks?


      Thanx in advance